Growing up in central Texas, country music was a staple, especially with roots as deep as Billy's. His grandfather was the late country music legend Big Bill Lister, who was the opening act for Hank Williams Sr. Big Bill was a songwriter, performer, and entertainer. Watching him on the stage, Billy would try to emulate him at a very young age, giving milk carton stage performances to an audience of stuffed animals. Billy has had the dream since he was 6. Billy's cousin Dave Kirby, was a renowned song writer and musician who wrote songs like "Anybody Goin To San Antone" and "Side Walks of Chicago" among others. Growing up surrounded by this kind of history, it was inevitable that Billy would follow in his Grandads footsteps. 

Billy took the stage with his Father and Grandfather, a handful of times between the ages of 11 to 19 to perform as a Three Generational Trio. The last show he played with his Grandad, was in Llano Texas. Where he shared the stage not only with his Grandfather, but with the likes of Darrell McCall and Jett Williams who is Hank Williams Sr. Daughter. Big Bill's parting wisdom to Billy, was that, "Talent can excite or impress folks, but passion is what will move them." Something Billy took to heart and has lived by ever since. Something very indicative of his music.

"Billy has a unique voice and style and he has a way of telling a story with his songs, that is not only relatable but visceral and raw." - Charlotte Ivel